Does your Business have the KLT factor on Social Media?

Firstly, What is the KLT factor? Its getting people to Know, Like and Trust your business!

It is well known that people buy from people they Know, Like and Trust, I believe the key to Business SUCCESS is building relationships.

How do you get people to KNOW about your business?

You can Network offline and Online or combine the two!

When you network offline make sure you connect with people via Social media after the meeting, send them any resources or details of connections you promised to make; following good networking practice and the Go-Giver principles.

I would recommend you read  The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann &/or Endless referrals by Bob Burg.

If you use an email service and/or customer relationship management system make sure you add your contacts to this and FOLLOW- UP with them to build your relationship with them.

If you don`t have one I would recommend looking at your options ; Mailchimp , Constant Contact and Awebber are amongst some of the most popular starting options.

Networking Online, I would recommend looking for 1-3 groups to join to begin with, these could be facebook/linkedin groups/twitter chats ; make sure these groups are relevant to your business and look at groups where people are actively engaging (make sure its not just a list of promotional posts) and finally make sure they are groups where your Ideal customers/prospects/piers who you may wish to collaborate with/Key influencers are hanging out!

Then ENGAGE in the group, give value first and build relationships, Don`t go in the group spamming; this includes messaging people about your product/service/sharing links , just posting promotional posts.

Think about how you would engage with them if you were in a room with them, you would smile and ask about them, make small talk and then build the relationship; ask questions about them, make recommendations, join in conversations adding your prospective (even if similar to other comments), share relevant, interesting and motivating articles.

This works on building the LIKE phase and moving you towards the TRUST  phase; on your Social Media profiles share your story of why you do what you do , your values and why you are passionate about what you do – Be YOU – remember – People buy from People!

 To further build the trust I would recommend email marketing; “If you are not capturing emails from your social media connections; you are wasting time putting any effort into Social Media Marketing”.

Social Media is just “rented land” The platforms belong to others so you want to move people across to “your land” your website or your email list, which allows you to provide your connections with valuable tips and advice and nurture your relationship with them which builds TRUST over time!

Remember the 80/20 rule; 80% of your content should be valuable and useful information and only 10-20% should be promotional.

As Robert Cialdini says “the other source of information people look to is their peers” we call this “social proof” when used on line, this includes: Case studies, Testimonials and Reviews. These should be included across your Social Media, on your website and within your email marketing to further build trust. Video Testimonials work best especially if they are natural and don`t look scripted as then people know they are real!

Also to build trust make sure you present yourself in a congruent way that aligns with yours and your business values.

Ask yourself honestly if you are showing up authentically? Or only presenting yourself in a way you believe you “should”.

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Jude Hill

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